Ishi Couloir Terms and Conditions of Stay

1)    Bookings
a.    All bookings will be managed by the online reservation system.
b.    A booking is not confirmed until the deposit is paid in full and confirmation of payment is received by the owners.
c.    Excepting any errors, all booking details are as stated on the booking confirmation.
d.    Bookings may be amended after confirmation by either the owners or the client, subject to availability.
e.    Booking of ancillary items are at the discretion of the owners.
f.    The owners reserve the right to decline or accept any person at any time.

2)    Payment Terms
a.    All prices are in Japanese Yen.
b.    Payment using credit cards will be subject to a 4% surcharge.
c.    Payment may be made by credit card or telegraphic / online transfer.  Clients paying by Telegraphic Transfer are responsible for all associated bank charges.
d.    Payment of a 30% deposit is required before booking confirmation.
e.    Payment in full is required no later than 60 days prior to check in or the booking may be cancelled.
f.    If the confirmation date is less than 60 days before check in, the booking must be paid in full prior to confirmation and it is not refundable.
g.   Splitting of payment between multiple credit cards will not be accepted.
h.    All offers, prices, terms and conditions are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, prior to a confirmation being issued.

3)    Booking Cancellation and Refunds
a.    After payment of the deposit has been received, a 7 day cooling off period is applicable.  If the    booking is cancelled within this period, an administration charge of 5000 yen will be charged.
b.    After the 7 day cooling off period, the deposit is NOT refundable.
c.    Payment in FULL is required if the booking is cancelled less than 60 days prior to check in.
d.    The owners reserve the right to cancel bookings in exceptional circumstances.  In this case a full refund of the money already paid for the property is applicable.
e.    The owners reserve the right to change or upgrade a client’s accommodation to a comparable type in exceptional circumstances.

4)    Cancellation of Ancillary Items
a.    Any cancellations will require full reimbursement of all costs incurred to the owners.  An administration fee of 2000 yen will apply.
b.    Cancellation of ancillary items within 14 days of the booking commencement may require payment in full.
c.    No refunds will apply to any accommodation, lift tickets or any other ancillary items not fully used.

5)    Damage to the Property
a.    Outside of normal wear and tear, the client is responsible for any loss or damage to the property.
b.    Valid credit card information must be held as a security deposit.
c.    The client authorizes the owners to recover any costs associated with damage or loss to the property using this credit card.

6)    Check in/Out
a.    Check out is before 11am.  Check in is after 3pm.
b.    At the discretion of the owners, if property is being cleaned after 2pm, clients may occupy the property whilst it is being cleaned.

7)    Cleaning / Laundry
a.    The property will be cleaned and linen changed on a weekly basis.
b.    At check out, the property is to be tidy and all cutlery, crockery, kitchenware to be washed.  Otherwise an additional cleaning fee of 3000 yen may apply.

8)    Travel Itinerary
a.    Clients must provide relevant flight and itinerary information no later than 21 days prior to arrival, otherwise transfer arrangements may be affected.

9)    Non-Smoking and Poor Behavior
a.    All areas of the property are NON SMOKING.  Clients and guests may only smoke on the balconies provided.
b.    The owners reserve the right to remove anyone not complying with this policy.  This may incur an additional cleaning charge to remove any odor.
c.    Any client or guest behaving in an unacceptable way, may, at the discretion of the owners, be removed from the property without any refund for any days remaining.

10)    Pets
a.    No pets are allowed on or in the property at ANY time.

11)    Travel Insurance
a.    All guests are STRONGLY advised to have valid travel insurance.
b.    The owners are not responsible for booking travel insurance.

12)    Liability
a.    The owners and their representatives are not under ANY circumstances, however caused, liable for any loss, damage, injury, sickness, death, consequential loss or any third party loss of any kind to the client or guests associated with any stay on the property.  This also applies to any tour or other service provided by the owners.
b.    The client acknowledges that any person, who is not a client, occupying or entering any areas of the Property does so as guests of the client and at the occupants and client’s own risk.
c.    The owners are not liable for any costs or accidents associated with travel plans to or from the property in any transport.
d.    Clients and guests accept all responsibility for any risks associated with their travel arrangements regardless of weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.
e.    The owners are not responsible for any theft or loss incurred during the clients booking.
f.    All clients and guests regardless of how the booking was made are under the jurisdiction of Japanese law.

13)    Additional Guests
a.    Each property has a set capacity.  Only the numbers of people specified for each property will be permitted.

14)    Transportation and additional services
a.    The owners are not responsible for guests transport arrangements to the property.

15)    Snow Conditions
a.    The owners accept no responsibility for any data or information provided about snow conditions.
b.    No booking may be cancelled due to the weather or snow conditions not meeting the client’s expectations.

Payment of the deposit serves as full acceptance of the terms and conditions without variation.


Refers to the owners of the property named Ishi Couloir or any person or company appointed to execute any management task requested by the owners.

Refers to all the shareholders and any representative appointed by the owners of the property .

Any person or company employed to execute any management task requested by the owners.

The person or organization that pays for the booking.  In this context they are considered the tenant or lessee for the period of the booking.

Any person occupying the property in addition to the client.

100% of the agreed price with the owners.

An amendment is any change to the booking made after confirmation, including adding additional guests or booking additional services or changing the proposed booking dates.

Any extra service or booking provided in addition to the reservation of the property.  This includes but is not restricted to Ski Hire, Lift tickets, Catering, Ski Lessons and Child care.

Any apartment within the building named “Ishi Couloir”.


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