Skiing Package Niseko

Tips to get the most from your skiing package Niseko:

  • Niseko gets COLD!!! Yes, we’re talking about snow, but we’re not talking about the Aussie kind of snow where you can strip down to your t-shirt, slather on some sunscreen and ride all day without wearing your hat. It’s truly below freezing cold so above and beyond your standard gear you’ll need to consider appropriate warm coverings for any exposed skin (such as your face) or else hightail it to the nearest shop to kit yourself out when you get there. With a recommendation heavily towards going prepared.
  • Consider whether it’s worth hauling your beloved snowboard or skis to Niseko.  Niseko = powder. Powder = fat skis, a fish or longer snowboard. Or at least consider adjusting the settings on your bindings, so you’re further back. Booking your skiing package Niseko is not an excuse to go out and buy the best powder board there is (that’s not to say you can’t though…) Your packages will likely include the option of gear rental which might help with the frustrations of traipsing around with all your gear.
  • If you really want your own gear there, your ski package Niseko should allow for the fact you’re heading to the snow (for luggage allowances purposes) if it includes flights. If your skiing package Niseko doesn’t include flights, save yourself the headache and excess baggage costs at the airport and make sure your board, or skis and poles, are included in your ticket.
  • Safety first – as with anything that carries an inherent risk, consider your safety and the safety of those around you by behaving appropriately. If you’re determined to go off-piste, make sure you let someone know where you’re headed and carry appropriate backcountry gear and emergency equipment. Do take the necessary precautions, don’t let skiing package Niseko holiday mode dull your sense of awareness and judgment. Just because the snow is mind-bogglingly amazing, doesn’t mean it doesn’t avalanche there. It’s not heaven. Just saying.

Enough of that.

Oh, not quite.

  • Check your skiing package Niseko carries some sort of travel insurance and go through the finer details. If it’s missing arrange suitable cover yourself. At least you can avoid the world of financial pain if you can’t avoid wiping out on the halfpipe.

Right, now that’s enough of that.

Hmm… now just maybe go see if the skiing package Niseko mentions that amazing, world-renowned night skiing session… having the lifts open for twelve hours daily just isn’t really enough…

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