All Inclusive Ski Packages Niseko

Let’s face it the Japanese people do a lot of things seriously well. From their wicked sense of style, to their delicious (and occasionally scary) cuisine, their beautiful countryside, the funky crazy Tokyo city… and the snow. All that deep soft, fluffy snow.

It snows a lot in certain parts of Japan. Take for instance the little rural town of Niseko on the island of Hokkaido. Typically, it snows in Niseko pretty much daily from December through to about March (white Christmas anyone?).

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because I’m thinking all inclusive ski packages Niseko.

The beauty of going with all inclusive ski packages Niseko is it ensures you a seamless journey from your home to your home away from home in Niseko. All inclusive ski packages Niseko usually include airfares, stopovers and transfers delivering you to your door. Be aware that transfers from the airport, New Chitose, take about two hours. Bring something to rug up in that you can access easily upon your arrival. Niseko gets proper cold.

To help make that all inclusive ski packages Niseko that much easier a holiday choice, Niseko has four resorts for you to peruse. They offer variety of nearby accommodation options for tailoring your all inclusive ski packages Niseko to your budget, desired holiday type, and the skiing ability of your companions.

But the all inclusive ski packages Niseko offerings don’t end there. As well as your accommodation, you should also have included your lift passes, any guided tours, skiing or snowboarding lessons (when you fall in powder it doesn’t hurt… hello learner and children heaven!) and gear rental. Don’t stress about the lift passes, if you like you can get a pass that includes all four resorts so you can choose on a whim which slopes you’d like to take on each day. The lift passes are an electronic pass which sits in your jacket pocket and registers as you move through the gates to the lift.

Depending on which village you’re staying and your shuttle requirements, your lift passes may entitle you to a free shuttle service to certain resorts.

Don’t forget to check the details and inclusion of any relevant travel insurance… powder is awesome but crashing into a tree and breaking some bones in a foreign country isn’t so awesome… Maybe the mission should be to NOT find out just how seriously well Japanese medical facilities run…

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