Ski Accommodation in Niseko

Ski Accommodation in Niseko

When in search for ski accommodation in Niseko, you should only stick with those that are highly recommended by travellers who have stayed and experienced these ski lodges for the first. Some of the high recommended ski accommodations in Niseko are the following. Find out what these ski accommodations in Niseko and why you should only stay in any of these when you go on a winter trip in Japan.

1. Higuma – this ski accommodation is Niseko is known as the Alpine chalet as it provides a sophisticated place to stay for travellers who want the best value for their buck. This lodge is fully contained as it can accommodate large groups of travellers and even those who have small kids with them. It sports five large bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to suit all the needs of group travellers. It has a kitchen, game room with home entertainment system, roomy living and dining area with a fireplace as centrepiece, and widescreen cathedral windows that shows a view of the mountain. This lodge is conveniently location at the centre of Hirafu area. Hirafu is the gateway to the mountain and is considered the large ski spot in Niseko. Free service is available to and from Higuma and Grand Hirafu.

2. Ishi Couloir – this ski accommodation in Niseko is located a few minutes from the ski lifts. So if skiing is all you want to do during your stay, this is a top choice as you are virtually living side by side the entrance to the ski park. This lodge offers Five Star stay for travellers in Niseko. It has 3 apartments with 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom units. Each apartment has a different appeal but there are common areas shared among units. These are the kitchen, living and dining area, and spacious balconies. It also has large fireplaces to ensure that the indoor space is warm and cosy to stay in. If you stay at the Ishi Couloir, you can simply walk to the Hirafu gondola and start your trip for skiing there.

3. The Lodge – this ski accommodation in Niseko offers modern Alpine living with its contemporary design and fresh ambiance. It has six spacious bedrooms and four bathrooms in the whole lodge. It is located near restaurants, cafes, and ski fields in Niseko so you have lots of options when dining and skiing in the mountain. It offers equipment rental if you did not bring your ski gears with your. Ski lessons are also available from The Lodge.

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